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K o r a l   B r a c e l e t

Inspired by coral formations, the Koral bracelet brings to light the delicate relationship between humans and nature.


Coral reefs make up the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet and are currently endangered primarily due to human activity, global warming, and climate change.  What most don't know is the damage we are causing to the reefs endangers ourselves as well.  The reef is home to a quarter of all marine species: crustaceans, reptiles, seaweeds, bacteria, fungi, and over 4000 species of fish.  All marine life begins in the coral reefs.  It is also a huge source of food and medicines, protects the coastline, and is responsible for nutrient recycling in the oceans.  If we continue the way things are, 90% of coral reefs will be in danger by 2030, and nearly all by 2050.  


This piece of art and carefully designed bracelet symbolizes the direct relationship we have with our natural environment.  Our actions affect the natural world, and the natural world will respond in ways that will ultimately affect us.  There must be balance between the two worlds in order for both worlds to thrive.  The individual bangles of the bracelet intertwine to create an organic arrangement constantly adapting to its environment and changing based upon the movement of the individual wearing it. 


The Koral bracelet was crafted by hand by Carrie Hack using traditional metalsmithing techniques in brass.  

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