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photography owned by Kohler Co.

C r a c k l e   C o l l e c t i o n   b y   t h e   W a s t e   L a b

Dust. Powder. Scraps. Waste. It’s what we first see when we look at our factories, when we pull back the curtain and examine what materials are spent and left over in the manufacturing process. The WasteLAB is a place where we take another look at that dust and ask, “What if?”

What if this waste, bound for the landfill, has hidden value we haven’t explored? What if it simply takes a new way of seeing to find value where now we see waste? What if a manufacturing company can be regenerative? The WasteLAB is where we ask “What if?” and experiment until we find answers; until we turn waste into something meaningful.

Carrie was involved with the Waste Lab in the very beginning by experimenting with ways to make ceramic tiles from landfill bound materials.  Extensive material research was done to create different tile body colors along with formulating a glaze from 100% waste material.  A partnership was formed between the Waste Lab and Ann Sacks, a tile company owned by Kohler, to bring this project to market.

The WasteLAB Crackle Collection by Ann Sacks is available in 6 different colorways:  Mahogany, Amber, Emerald, Bone, Turquoise, and Lake.  

Kohler Waste Lab

The WasteLab Crackle Tiles were shown at KBIS and received recognition from both Interior Design Magazine and Architectural Digest for Top 10 Product Picks and Best New Products of KBIS 2019.  

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