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T h e   W o l f   a n d   t h e   C r a n e

The  Wolf and the Crane salt and pepper set is based on the Wolf and Crane narrative of Aesop's fables.  It's origami, paper-folded design combines modern aesthetic with the background of a traditional western story to combine beauty, function 

The story of the Wolf and the Crane:

A Wolf had been feasting too greedily, and a bone had stuck crosswise in his throat.  He could get it neither up nor down, and of course he could not eat a thing. Naturally that was an awful state of affairs for a greedy Wolf.  So away he hurried to the Crane. He was sure that she, with her long neck and bill, would easily be able to reach the bone and pull it out.

"I will reward you very handsomely," said the Wolf, "if you pull that bone out for me."

The Crane, as you can imagine, was very uneasy about putting her head in a Wolf's throat. But she was grasping in nature, so she did what the Wolf asked her to do.  When the Wolf felt that the bone was gone, he started to walk away.  "But what about my reward!" called the Crane anxiously.  "What!" snarled the Wolf, whirling around. "Haven't you got it? Isn't it enough that I let you take your head out of my mouth without snapping it off?"


The moral of the story is 'gratitude and greed do not go together.'  This important life lesson is especially relevant in a table setting where gratefulness around the family is significant but often forgotten.  The set is designed to teach the lesson of the famous fable to children and exist as a reminder to adults alike within a table setting.

These ceramic salt and pepper shakers were conceptualized and designed in collaboration by Carrie Hack and Eunju Kim.  The set are slipcast in porcelain and polished by hand.  

Exhibited and sold through Blue Cashew at the curated 'Flavor and Flow' show in Rhinebeck, New York.

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