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photography owned by Kohler Co.

T a i l o r   A p r o n f r o n t   P a n e l s


The Tailor Kitchen sink is a versatile panel system that allows you to customize the exterior panel to a chosen material option or to a curated selection of decorative panels Kohler has provided.  Of these three panels are two offered in stone- an etched and gilded pattern inspired by mid-century modern patterns, a carved pattern inspired by origami paper folding, and a decorative wood panel option inspired by water colored florals.  The stone panels are offered in two marbles: a Nero Marquina black, and Royal White.

Carrie Hack played a key role in pattern design, colorway development and curation of the final decorative panel options.  The mid-century modern etched pattern is an original design by Carrie Hack.  The sculpted pattern was curated and approved by Carrie Hack.  The water color floral is an original design by Dana Morales.  

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