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M o n o p e z z o   P u r s e 

Monopezzo is a leather purse collection inspired by the leather production process itself, aiming for a sustainable practice void of waste products.  It's meant to prove there are other ways of considering designing a bag and that it can be possible to make and assemble and bag out of just one single piece of leather.

The bag is produced in Dani Sustainable Leather, where harmful chemicals are not added to the tanning or coloring process, allowing a cleaner material that is safer as well to be laser cut.  The bag is made from just one single laser cut piece, designed to mimic the organic shape of a leather hide, that is of course never square.  The pieces that are cut out create the pattern on the exterior of the bag are not wasted, but used to put the bag together, binding the sides and creating the straps.  It is produced without glue and without stitching, making a 100% biodegradable product that does not need to be disassembled to be recycled.  The oversized clamshell shape allows for a dreamy and playful design that stands out.  It can be used as a fashion 'beach bag' but was also prototyped with a fabric insert that easily snaps in and out for cleaning.

IDA 22-Bronze.jpg

Lineapelle Fair 2021

Lineapelle Showroom

Milan, Italy

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