Height: 174
Bust: 82
Waist: 62
Hips: 90

Dress size: 34

Shoe size: 38
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Light Brown

Birth Place:  New York, USA

Date of Birth: 26/06/92

Languages spoken:

English (mother tongue),

Italian (Basic),

French (Basic)


Carrie Nicole has worked as a freelance model since 2015 throughout the United States and for one year in Milan Italy.  Highlights of her experience involve being published in fashion magazines across the world such as Volant, UTM, and DC magazine. She has also shot videos and stills for various electronic brands such as Aukey, Edifier, and Srhythm.  With experience in product video shoots, still studio shots, fashion editorials,  showroom, lifestyle, athletics and fine arts photography she covers a wide variety of specialization.  Get in contact to talk further.

published editorials

Volant Magazine #22 Winter Edition pt. 1

Dusseldorf, Germany

December 2020

Ultimate Trendy Magazine Volume 11

New York, New York USA

November 2020


Residence: Milan, Italy

Citizenship: USA


WhatsApp: +13154568721

Phone: +39 3880518893

Instagram: @carriehack

Dress Code Magazine Summer 2020

St. Petersburg, Russia

July 2020





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